Kresy Vineyard

Year 2005. Announcement in the local press: We invite all interested parties to take part in the "Winnica małopolski" program. The founding meeting will be held .... And so on.

I went. And so it began. Later there were trainings, trips, workshops, and finally I learned that the land I own for no treasures is suitable for planting a vineyard on it - too cold, too high, too flat, too heavy - guaranteed defeat.

I have not obeyed my innate spite. I planted the first shrubs in 2007 and already in 2010 I made them a wine, suitable at best to process it for vinegar.

In 2011, it began to pretend and this is so far. For the Rondo Rose 2011 wine, I received my first silver medal at the Enoexpo. The prizes are not the most important, but they increase the sense that what we do, however, makes sense that it is not just a romantic dream without coverage.

I'm making wine today. Go ahead and without false modesty, I can say that I am happy with them. No, not entirely, they are better, whom I have great respect for and constantly try to match.

Behind me, only a few years, how many more? I do not know and I do not think I want to know, because I want to enjoy everybody coming, hoping that more and more experience and creative experiments will make the wine that I give you will really meet your expectations!

Today, we can invite you to a small but quite decent tasting room, treat yourself with regional cheeses and cold meats, show the cellar and the processing plant. The vineyard has grown to 1.5 ha, we still have space and unwavering hope for the second one.

We also hope for new wine-related challenges. May life be enough.

Everything starts with PASSION.

This makes all my thoughts, from now on, begin to revolve around this project.

Nearly 30 years ago, there were monuments. Since that time, I have realized, along with my partner, a hundred dozens of conservation renovations in Krakow and Silesian monuments.

Nearly 14 years ago, I trusted some madmen without a memory, who claimed that it is certainly possible to grow grapes in Poland and make wine from them. Today, again, my thoughts are ruled by something guilty about what, if you succeed, maybe soon you will find out!

And the message is: Do your own and do not be afraid of your dreams, because only then will your life make sense!



What is hospitality?

We know what hospitality is for us. It is above all a willingness combined with action, aimed at making every guest feel at home as if he came to good old friends. That he would feel that he is awaited and accepted with joy. We do not spare time or energy to provide you with the best conditions that we can afford at the moment. We are direct in contacts, but we also do not forget about respecting your privacy. We expect you every day, with our wines and regional snacks of the highest quality.