Our wines

Our wines are a reflection of the year in which the vine matures and in which they arise. Their quality is closely dependent on the course of the weather, temperatures and the amount of sunshine that our shrubs undergo. We do not try to artificially change their character through the use of oolong treatments based on deacidification or sweetening. Growing wine is an eternal necessity. We, due to their specific, limestone terroir, sulphate them by half less than is necessary in other regions. In cultivation, we do not use too many sprays - just as much as needed, usually up to four during the growing season. We do not use herbicides. Our vineyard is maintained in the so-called "black fallow" through tedious and hard work involving partly mechanical (in inter-rows) and manual! (between the bushes) its weeding.

Thanks to all these treatments, our vineyard gives birth to fruit that I can devote with all responsibility to the wine product that I present to you.

We invite you to buy our wines directly in the wine bar.

Price list and Orders - also by email HERE - shipping by courier. 
Minimum order - 6 bottles