Our wines

Our wines are a reflection of the year the vines ripen and grow. Their quality is strictly dependent on the weather, temperatures, amount of rainfall and sunlight to which our bushes are subjected. We do not try to artificially change their character through the use of oenological treatments consisting of deacidification or sweetening. Sulphating wines is an eternal necessity. We, due to their specific, calcareous terroirs, sulfur them by half less than is necessary in other regions. In cultivation, we do not use an excessive amount of spraying - just as much as needed, usually up to four during the growing season. We do not use herbicides. Our vineyard is kept in so-called " black fallow ”through painstaking and hard work involving partly mechanical (in between rows) and manual! (between shrubs) its weeding. Thanks to all these endeavors, our vineyard bears fruit, which I can devote with full responsibility to the production of wines which I hereby give you.

We experiment a lot in the production of our wines. We are increasingly using the so-called "spontaneous fermentation", not only for amber wines traditionally produced in Georgia in this way. In this way, in the year 2019, we also produced for the first time long macerated, non-sulfurated red wines TRANSFIGURATO AND MONARCHIA.

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Minimum order - 12 bottles.